Kiko’s Hospitality Group takes this passion, swag, and expertise to the next level! To that I say “Yea buddy” and #Ñooqueriko – it’s gonna be a fun ride!

About Me, Kiko

I started out as the “Chef Hunter.” I’d scope out the best restaurants, and find out who was rocking it in the kitchen. I’d put a camera in their face with no script. The goal was to capture the true essence of who they are, and what drives them.

Along the way, I became friends with countless chefs, owners, and entrepreneurs. Getting the
word out and keeping up with the hottest spots became what I am known for.

Supporting them was always the main focus, but doing it my way, in both English and Spanish. On NBC6INTHEMIX & TELEMUNDO51 I covered a lot of ground. Twenty years deep and I’m still here supporting local spots with several on air segments.

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