How Lemons and Lemonade Inspired the Start of Innocom

What was the first business you ever had as a child? Was it a lemonade stand? Even if you didn’t have one of your own, chances are a friend in the neighborhood had one at some point. It is recognized as a symbol of childhood creativity, fun, and the start of entrepreneurial spirit.


The Inspiration

A lemonade stand represents fun, commerce, and community. It is those feelings that inspire us at Innocom. We like to have fun with our clients, within our team, and in the communities we serve.


A lemonade stand can run just fine on its own. But with fresh squeezed innovative marketing, strategy, and operational guidance it becomes so much more. That’s what we do at Innocom. We take your zesty ideas and work with you to create tasty and fresh marketing so your business can shine. 

Our Recipe

Our own recipe at Innocom is made of innovation, integrity, collaboration, and generosity. With this fun and fresh approach in mind, we work with our clients as partners and teammates. We play and create. That’s how lemonade inspired the start of Innocom.

Our whole focus is helping your business shine. Let us know if you need a workshop or would like some personalized coaching and consulting. We can brainstorm with you on digital content, operational strategy, and other ideas, or begin creating a fresh, innovative campaign.

If you want to bounce some ideas around about working with us, ping us through our Contact page.

Tell us about your first business in the comments!

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