What Social Media Platforms To Be On and Why

Imagine being able to show your ideal customer beautiful visuals that excite them. Imagine inviting them into a conversation that is fun and helpful. Now, imagine being able to do this every day. That’s the power of social media.

Misconceptions About Social Media

Some companies mistakenly believe that social media is only for the younger generation. Others believe all they have to do is post information about their business once in a while, and that will be enough. Many business owners feel like they can learn enough about social media to get by, or having a family member help out will be just fine.

If you build it, they will not come on their own. Social media is your chance to connect with your customers on a human to human level. When you run an advertisement on the radio or newspaper, do you get to talk with your customer right then and there? Do you get to show the human side of your business? Do you get to learn more about your customers’ wants and needs? Only effective social media can do that.

What Social Media Channels Should Your Business Be On?

Nearly every business owner thinks of Facebook when they think about the social media channels they want to be on. Facebook owns Instagram, and both platforms offer a strong analytics platform. It is important that you pay attention to your audience’s demographics. While Facebook users tend to be male more so than female, and Instagram more female, this may not be the case for your particular business.

Here’s how you can easily look at your brand’s social media analytics:

Twitter is seen as a news source. Many of the users on Twitter are educated, professional, and often a little tech-savvy. While it has fewer active users than Facebook or Instagram, its engagement rate is very strong. This is the platform to be on if you want to have conversations in real-time, share the latest news, and is essential if your business works with other businesses, travel, news, or conventioneers.

In the early days of social media, it was simply about showing off. Now that social media has been around for over a decade, the time is upon us to truly be social. Not only can you share your story, but you can also talk about your customers’ stories and share them. Your company’s social media channels are the digital front door. The persons managing your social media need empathy, service skills, writing skills, graphic design skills, and the ability to analyze performance data so they can adjust content accordingly. No other marketing tool allows you to pivot and personalize the way social media does.

Get Help With Your Brand’s Social Media

Now that you know a little more about social media, let’s have a chat about how we can help. We can dig in on your day to day social media strategy and management. Or we can simply create some content tools that you can add to your social media assets on your own. If you want to bounce some ideas around about working with us, ping us through our Contact page.

What’s your favorite social media channel? Tell us in the comments!

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